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Who We Are



It is said that some of the most pivotal years of an individual’s life are the first few years after they graduate high school. That is why we have taken the time to create a program that is specifically designed to help young people navigate their early-adult years. 


The first year of our program is focused on developing you as a person, teaching you valuable life-skills, and most importantly on creating moments for you to intentionally pursue Jesus Christ. Though academics are a significant focus, we make sure that what you are learning is not solely through classroom-based lectures. We have intentionally designed each aspect of the first year to grow and develop our students internally, setting them up for a lifetime of success.


The students that return for a second year will be immersed in opportunities and teachings to grow them specifically as a leader. Students that complete a second year at H-Town Master’s Commission will graduate with their bachelor’s degree from West Coast Bible College. They will also graduate being equipped with skills that will cause them to excel as leaders in their future schooling, careers, and families.

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