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Red Pill Industries

Red Pill is a cutting edge school assembly program designed to present the truth to today’s teens. Ten years ago our director wanted to find a way to show the love and grace of God to a generation without knowledge of what it means to have purpose. The problem then being the separation of church and state we go in sharing the great things they can accomplish if they walk the right path.


Bringing an expectation of the same old assembly program, we come in full of energy making an escape from everyday life problems. Using tools such as dance, drama, and comedy sketches we found that when people have fun they let their walls down. Red Pill is a great way for those who are interested in youth ministry to connect with youth in a different world away from church. One of the favorite parts of Master’s Commission we use it as an opportunity to bring the message of hope to those we couldn’t reach with our regular Master’s Commission ministry.


Adopt a block is an ongoing relationship that we grow with our community. Every Saturday come rain or shine it’s our dedicated time to serve our neighborhood. Assigned to a group block we go pick up trash, wash cars, move furniture, and so much more. As servants of Christ we strive to show love through our actions just as the word says “faith without works is dead” in James 2:20 we strive to show the same grace that has been rewarded to us.


It’s more than a part of our program because without acts of faith we fall short of what God has called us to do. Adopt a block is where we can “see everyone from every walk of life come to know Gods love personally”.  It’s an opportunity to step out of comfort zone and simply serve.


One of our most loved parts of Master’s Commission is the opportunity to minister to young people. As Master’s Commission we put our tools to good use with our worship team, human videos, step, and rhythm. For those in our program who are striving to become phenomenal youth pastors, these services provide an opportunity for them to connect with current youth pastors in our district. They also get the chance to see how different sized youth groups function.

With our typical service in mind we start off with an intro into what Master’s Commission is, followed by worship, testimonies, dramas, and altar call. One of the biggest things that we stress as Master’s Commission is that we don’t put on a show but we let ourselves be used to bring glory to God in every aspect of a service. Along with praying beforehand for our services we strive to pour out God’s love for students through hands on ministry. 

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