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How much is the tuition for Master's Commission and can you apply for scholarships?

Each year the tuition for a MC student is different. First Year tuition is $5,800, Second Year is $4,800 and the Intern Year is $3,800. This includes housing, tuition, and books for WCBCS. There is a PK scholarship for your first and second year, and there may be times that financial help through giving is available.


What is West Coast?

West Coast Bible College and Seminary is based out of Waco, TX and is geared towards allowing students to earn a Bachelor's Degree in ministry based fields while also growing in their individual walks with God.


Can you attend without pursuing a degree through West Coast?

No. West Coast is a part of the culture of Master's Commission and having already paid for it in your tuition we see that this would be a wasted opportunity to further student's education.


What is the daily routine?

Our week consists of discipleship, speech, and scripture based classes. We also have tools based extra-curriculars that you can be a part of.


Can you have a job?

Due to the flexibility necessary to partake in the schedule that we have, a job is something that is more inconsistent than would be beneficial.


What is the housing situation?

There are seperate properties for the guys and girls. Each property has ample room for students and the necessities it takes to live here.


Are any missions trips included in tuition?

Funding missions trips is on the part of the student. We have opportunities through Event Force and fundraising with other students to raise money for these trips.


Is ministry my only option in Master's Commission?

No. You can be called into ministry, the workforce, or your own home. Master's Commission is built to give you the tools to be successful wherever you plan on going.

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