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West Coast Bible College Seminary


The first and second year students of H-Town Master’s Commission are enrolled in West Coast Bible College out of Waco, Texas. Students will be able to graduate with an Associates or Bachelors degree in under two years time. The students will be able to choose from the degree options listed below.


Associates Degree
General Ministries


Bachelors Degrees
Biblical Counseling
Biblical Counseling (Eating Disorder Specialization)
Church Business Administration
General Ministries
Missions Degree
Worship Arts
Youth Ministries


A credentialed West Coast Bible College professor teaches each class via an online lecture and assignments are submitted online. Though a personal computer is not required, it is highly recommended. If you are not able to bring a computer to the program, arrangements will be made to ensure that your homework is still being submitted on time. 


Scripture Memorization and Study


Though we believe that earning an academic degree is very important, we also believe that studying the Bible is crucial to the development of a well-rounded individual. Scripture memorization and in-depth studies will create opportunities for personal growth and reflection specifically inspired by God’s Word that also develop a practice of study leading into their adult lives.


Discipleship and Leadership


Students are also involved in a variety of classes taught by in-house pastors and MC staff members. These classes include practical and spiritual lessons in discipleship, leadership, and life skills.

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